Day Before Visiting The Monarchs

Awaiting tomorrow with both excitement and trepidation. This is the reason why I am here. To film the Monarchs. Been practicing with my new camera today. Should really have a video tripod, but will make due with my lighter one. Depending on how it goes tomorrow, I might try and go again next week. Was quite cold in the morning, but soon it started to heat up. To beat the heat we took a walk in the morning to a nearby lagoon, where everyone was grazing their animals; sheep, cows and horses. Along the way spotted papyrus and cattails. Not too much to write about today. Like usual, all is quite in the middle of the heat of the afternoon. The only thing moving about were two Clouded Yellow butterflies, while the animals slept. Was practicing shooting them for tomorrow. Also saw a humming bird, but it was way too fast for me to catch. Been playing around with the bougainvillea flowers, pasting them together, soaking the flowers to pound into pulp. Finally figured out how to warm up my cold cold room by opening up all the windows to let the warm air in during the day. Then will shut them overnight. Hope this idea works for a warmer bedroom this evening. Hoping all is well with you my friends. Getting ready for Presidents week? and the mid winter break for you teachers out there.