Going To Town

Yesterday we went to town. Maravatio. We three residents, Ian, Bridget and me. We walked to the bus station, marked by a big old dead tree with a seat carved into it. We stood there for 45 minutes waiting, while everyone else who came by got picked up by passing cars and private vans. We were there for so long waiting that we saw the 3 other residents as they left in their taxi for places further afield. On the bus we were serenaded by a guitar player. Much tighter quarters than the subway. We mainly went to town to find a cafe with internet. Since there has been none until this morning. Oh how dependent we are on our devices. Hard to break way from the communications. But I will try to keep a good balance between experiencing, making art and writing. I promise. When Ian was here last there was no WiFi, and all was just fine for 3 weeks in residence. He was our guide in town, weaving our way through the streets and markets from the bus station to the cafe. He got a little lost, but used the church steeple and Google maps to help us find our way. The cafe was part of a hotel, so we settled in for a few hours of computer time and eating of course. We had sweet crepes, they had coffee, and later shared a luscious plate of enchiladas suizas. I was so full I could barely eat dinner, which included an amazing homemade pan of cornbread. The trip was fun, finally using my Spanish to communicate, eyeing all the crazy objects for sale. Came upon a lovely mural depicting all the life cycles of the Monarchs. You feel their presence throughout. I can’t wait to go. Though I fear I may not be up to the hike. Gotta build up my endurance, we did quite a bit of walking yesterday in town with back packs on with computers. For the Butterfly preserve I will bring my camera and tripod, and with water, hope my back, knees and ankles can hold out for hiking up the mountain to where the Preserve is apparently set way back from civilization for their protection.