Nature in Absentia: A Lost Marshland

In “Scaling Nature” at The Bronx River Art Center

A 9’3" high by 8’9” foot diameter cyclorama composed of extra-large hanging sheets of double-sided handmade paper depicting local Cattails (Typha latifolia) cast in relief with regenerated pulp made from non-native/invasive phragmites reeds (Phragmites australis.) The exterior of the cyclorama represents a well-lit healthy marshland that the public are invited to walk around towards an entrance into a darkened interior revealing an environment in distress. The only Illumination is the flickering light of a video floor projection featuring mass migrations of goods, animals, plants and people over bodies of water, as well as by the gallery lights filtering through the sheets of paper. Transforming the once solid surface with an eerie glow, revealing deep empty caverns left behind where the cast cattails were excavated, signifying being taken over by the phragmites. The installation is also about illustrating how the loss of natural biodiversity in The Bronx is in stark contrast to the boroughs ever expanding racial and cultural diversity.