Last night in Europe

Well well well

Like they say all good things must come to an end.  We had a grand finale today ending the night with a grappa on the house presented by our favorite italian waiter.

Planted the skirts up in Koblenz, turned on the pumps and celebrated with mussels and pesto pasta with a generous glass of red wine (that was accidently spilled over)

As long as the green grass grows out in a week all will be happy and good.  If not then not sure I want to think about the consequences.  But we all have faith, yes?

Had a lovely time visiting with Celine in Neuchatel.  I got to meet her lovely little girl of 6.  The perfect little french blond cutie, who danced about the garden with her shirt off and yellow flowers in her hair. She wished to help me with my sore neck by rubbing in tiger balm to sooth my tense muscles.  I can’t wait to see my chiropractor again!

You have all been so patient and supportive over the past 5 weeks, thank you for reading along and vicariously traveling with me.  Hopefully by the next time I take to the road again my blog will be up and running and you will not have to wade through all my long email dispatches.  I hope you enjoyed this round of musings and travelogues, and pictures too. Not quite sure I can sum up this journey yet, full of hard work, hot and cold days out side, cooking with joy, long train rides, long conversations about art over great Italian food in Germany no less, walking along the roads of the Renaissance, riding past castles on the hills, gazing up at the peaks of the Alps, and again more and  more hard work with the pay off of green grass and wet stained lace.  Time time time, travel and time

all my love with the coming of Spring.  Hope things warm up by the time I return tomorrow night.

kiss kiss

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