A little creature in our midst

The saga of a creature in our studio continues.  After not seeing it all day on Saturday, I came back to the studio sunday evening and saw this little dark shape above my studio mate’s door that seemed to be twitching.  I immediately texted her and told her that I thought I found the bird that had been flying around the studio Friday night.  As I was wondering what to do about it, because it seemed barely alive sitting up there, she came over with her camera to take a picture of what she thought would be a dead bird, but when she took out a chair to get closer, she said in a questioning voice, I don’t think it is a bird, it has little ears. Little ears!  And a tail!  And a tail?  How could a rat get up there, it’s gotta be a bat. Oh my it is a bat, a baby little bat.  Kinda looked a little cute up there, like it was sleeping with its head on its folded up arms, with its tail wrapped around like a blanket. We were even more dumbstruck about what to do about it.  We wanted to help free it, but were afraid that when we tried to move it perhaps with a small garbage pail, it would freak out, thus freaking us out, and maybe loosing our balance on the chair.  In the end we decided to open the window for a while, hoping it would fly out, but it did not and when I just got back this morning it was still up there but had moved slightly along the edge.  At this point I fear it might be dead, but think I will wait until everyone else arrives to figure out what to do. The mystery is, how did it get in in the first place?

Mid Day addition:

The bat was still alive!  The Exec Director got a basket and a sheet of paper and when he tried to trap it I could hear a high pitched squeal coming from it. He managed to trap the little guy who fluttered an fluttered within the basket, and then we let it go out the window and off he flew.  There is still a mystery over how he got in, but at least all is well in his survival.

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