After the Opening

So here we are, the thursday after the day after the opening, and I am just exhausted.  It was such a stressfull and crowded experience that I needed to just take a day to recover and re-evaluate the whole experience. I have no pictures at the moment because I am not satisfied with the current installation.  For one the framer rushed the matting job for the two large photoprints of Parrita that they were wrinkled and dirty for the opening. They say they will come next week to try and fix them both.  The other
problem with the framer was that he incorrectly figured out the length in meters of a shelf we ordered to mount my long mural by 45 inches.  And to top it all off it arrived just 15 minutes before the doors were set to open, we were literally setting the lights just seconds before the doors were opened.  And it is not even level and basically needs to be completely changed and re-hung at some point next week, hopefully before I leave on Wedensday morning around 11:00.  Once everyone started to pile in I ran for the back outdoor patio to have a drink and some food by myself under the clear moon filled sky. I only had some water, but it was the food I needed most and some space to myself before facing the entire art scene of Costa Rica.  People were really surprised to see so many others come on an opening night for three foreigners while there were about four other events happening around the city for Costa Rican Artists.  I think they came for the free food and wine, but then really I guess at this point I am an honorary Costa Rican artist, especially since the day after I met a curator from Spain who directs a magazine called Atlantica who is planning to donate the next issue to artists from Central America and he is going to include me.

So next time I will have some images of the installation, for now I am working to finish the mosaic at the school, sleep more, and go to the beach this weekend. Joaquin made me a celebratory lunch today of smoked salmon, mushroom pate, sparkling wine from Germany, and ice cream with brandy.  Boy did I conk out after than one.

Oh and we just had another minor earthquake again.

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