Another day in Munich

Boy these are hard working days.

With such a clear crisp morning I headed out to the site of the 1972 Olympics to photograph the city of Munich from above all the way out to the Alps.

While up in the observation tower I was innundated by a load of Italian Tourists, gestulating and yelling out to one another.

Then it was a good thing that I decided to head out to the location where I would be renting my car from to see if I could get a good road map, but when I finally found it on the south western part of town, I discovered that they had moved on December 1 to the north eastern side of town with out telling me on the phone when I had called to confirm my reservation. Ooh boy I am glad I had not dragged out my luggage for that one.

But yes I plan to go on a little driving tour of Bavaria for two to three days to see what I can see. Lets just hope there is not as much snow as just fell on NY out up in the Bavarian Alps.

Dina, Sibylle and I went on a shopping tour of the local equivalent to our Home Depot to search out the availability and prices for the items I will need, and then we went for a nice outing to a Christmas market where we pigged out on such delicacies as baked cheese and mushroom baguettes, roasted chestnuts, hot mulled wine and fried apples. OH boy am I stuffed and ready to collaps.

night night


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