Well today started off quite ominously when I walked into a glass door.  I swear everything is so clean here that after finishing a great cup of black tea (have to admit I am not great fan of Japanese green tea in the morning) in a cafe near the bus station I went to walk out the door but failed to notice that the automatic sliding door hadn’t quite slid open enough. Bam! I felt just as embarrassed as I felt pain. But I had no time to find real ice before my bus to Tokushima was to leave for my paper making appointment so I grabbed a cold drink in a soft bag type of bottle to hold up to my eye and nose, which got busted by my sun glasses.

Needless to say I was quite out of it after that, but then was forced to wake up when I realized that after my 2 hour bus ride I was also going to need to change to an hour long single car train ride to get to my destination. The train was so local that each car had to wait for the other to pass the opposite way in order to use the single set of tracks. I had not figured on this so when I arrived an hour late to the Awagami Paper factory they had finally sent someone out to look for me, who just happened to miss me as I got into a cab to get to the Museum.

Either way, despite having a ripping headache I had a great time talking with the manager of the artist in residence program there through my interpreter who was an organic farmer who just happened to go to art school in Portland, Maine. There might be some possibilities for a fantastic residency to work on. I bought time to make 3 postcards, and this time they just left me alone to my own devices.  Was fascinated to watch and learn how they were making large sheets of paper. Got plenty of ideas brewing. so much so that on the train ride back, thinking about making paper back in my own place I had my first sudden pang of home sickness.

Guess I am almost ready to return, but I wont have long to stay, I was just invited at the last minute to attend a 2 month long residency at Emmanuel College in Boston for the summer. The artist they actually chose could not attend. So once again I need to find a subletter and pack up myself for the road again. 



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