Hi Everyone,
Sorry for my last cryptic message.  Have been exhausted and sick to my stomach for the past few days working on the installation and getting to know the other artists.  They were really a great bunch. So had little time to just rest and sleep.

I just got home and hope to get to see my doctor tomorrow.  I have a lot I would like to write to you about, but am just not up to it right now.  But I do have one special thing I would like to share. During the opening today one of the other artists commented about reading through my past travelogues on my web site. He was really blown away by how extensive my travels and writing have been.  He really enjoyed not only reading about the art work, but my reflections on the places I have been too and the people I have gotten to know. He really liked how I shared the depthness of my travels. I hope you have too, which I know some of you had shared with me. 

Attached are a few images of the piece. And YES the piece is floating and called The Apple Star. The green you see is from the Duck Weed covering the surface of the pond.

from Michele

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