Back in New York, but not for long….

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you all know that I made it back safely to New York. A bit weary and lost in time, but happy to hear the morning birds on my street again.

Thank you again for enjoying my travelogues this time around from Taiwan and Japan.  Some special things I learned on this trip are:

If I ever have the chance to design my own idealized bathroom it will have to include an automatic Japanese bathtub.

Tissues can be used for more than just blowing your nose.

That I am more of a fan of Chinese and Taiwanese Tea than of Japanese tea.

That I really do have an ear and sense for languages, but lack the memory skills to retain any vocabulary other than hello and thank you.

That I am truly a kinesthetic learner who has to viscerally experience a place to really know how to navigate it, such as train stations and new cities, other than virtually through maps and tour books.  

And that I am still a site-specific artist who needs to be immersed in a place in order to truly create a work that responds to the essence of that place.

I wish you well and best for your own travels.

Here is a link to the Tea House under water:



Please follow me as I travel to Asia to work in Taiwan and visit Japan.

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