Beer Gardens

Well I have finally found the right drink for me for Munich’s Beer Gardens.  A Russen (I think this is how it is spelled).  It is a white beer mixed with lemonade.  It is sweet like I like my drinks, not bitter, which is why I do not like to drink beer, and it is more fuzzy like soda but not too fuzzy or sweet to be sickly.  Just right for a hot day.  I had this while meeting Sibylle at the beer garden located in a garden that is part of the castle located down town at the Odeon Platz.

I was hoping to do some materials shopping at the local Home Depot type store, but all is to be closed today for a holiday.  So I think I might rent one of these “rent-a-bikes”  that you can find all over the streets.  You just call a number, give them your credit card number and off you go for one direction.  pretty cool.

Then last night I went to a preview of on exhibition called extreme houses, there are some New Yorker’s in the show, and I had the fortunate opportunity to be introduced to Larry Rindler, the current director of the Whitney, but alas he is leaving to return to California to be the dean of the graduate school of CCA (it was called CCAC when I was there, the California College of Arts and Crafts, they decided to drop the craft).  We had a nice conversation, he told me of a book that he once read called Mass for Arras, about the town in the North of France that I have been working with for the past few years.  I must find this book.

Oh it is a glorious spring here in Munich.  I was enthralled by fields of bright yellow plants grown for a kind of ethanol, it is not corn, but maybe like soy beans.  Up close you can see the individual spindly plants, but from a distance they emerge together to form a rich blanket of yellow.  very like Wolgang Liab’s fields of pollen.

Well enjoy your day out there.


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