Day off

Well we finally had a full day of sunshine yesterday.  Woo hoo!

I decided to go south to a nearby lake and just take in the outdoors.

It was interesting to see how built up the area around the lake is for entertainment.  You could sit along the promenade and look out towards the Alps to the south while the ducks, swans and seagulls vie for your attention and crumbs.  Or head out to a rocky shore line where bikini clad bathers sun them selves and set out inflatable boats to ride.  There was also a swimming park with all the comforts of pools, restaurant, sauna and roped in swimming area, Docks to lay out in the sun, and little ports where you can rent an individual boat ride or take a larger one that travels across further along the lake.  There were your typical souvenir shops, ice cream, and a center for older folks with ballroom dancing, children’s play grounds and just some grass to lay out in and take a snooze.  Oh and plenty of beer gardens and cafes to eat in as well.

All I could do was just stare out at the water and the mountains.

And when I came back I checked out Opera outdoors Munich Style.  It is set in a grand setting at the Konigsplatz surrounded by 19th century versions of Greek temples and arcs filled with art from antiquity, The opera was the same back in Central park, Nabucco  But they are much more formal out here where the area is fenced in and you have to pay from 40 to 80 euro to get in and sit on fold up chairs, otherwise you are stuck out side seeing nothing or climbing on walls or light poles to try and see, but people still bring blankets and food and hang out with a group to listen, more fun with a group doing this than alone, especially since I really only know the basic story line of the Opera not the libretto.

So today is a semi sunny/cloudy day, getting ready to move onto the next project, my show in New York in September.  I stopped by the gallery yesterday and the grass is really starting to grow now.  Yay!

enjoy your Sunday, I think I will finally visit the Museum of Old Master paintings today.

all my best,


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