First Night in Portland

Well here I am.
After a 7 hour drive where I woke up at 3:30 am in order to leave NYC by 5:00 in order to beat out holiday traffic, I had a beautiful, almost traffic free ride up to Portland, Maine where I will be for the summer. Took the scenic route up the Merrit Parkway, where it is a pleasure to exit off for fuel for yourself and your car and you don’t have to deal with all those fast food places that you usually pass on the bigger roads like 95, but feel like you are going back in time to almost the 50’s, with quaint smaller shops, Mobil gas stations with the red flying pegasus, and just a lower key vibe.  Not the  commuting stress of those god awful turnpike service areas.

Feels like I am in a bit more of a sketchy part of down town, near the bus station, but the two buildings I will be sleeping and working in are just gorgeous. I have the cutest little room on the third floor that looks out at the tops of the trees in the back. And what a luxury to have a washer/dryer right in the apartment. Thank goodness I could choose a room that does not look right out on Congress Street, the main drag of the Portland.  I may be a New Yorker, but I still can’t get used to all the street noise, especially since I am right around the corner from the Fire Department.

Took a trek down to the arts district to take part in First Friday where local artists and art students sell their wares on the streets, and the galleries and museums are open late for the viewing.  Saw Tracy, my wonderful host from last year amongst all her hand made hoops for the hooping and buying.

Getting ready to call it a night as the rain that was threatening all day finally makes its downfall.  Looking forward to checking in from time to time as I focus in on a few projects for the summer. Would love to know if you still like receiving all these written out emails, or if you would prefer just a link to my blog?

Have a great 4th and summer!


PS: I don’t want this to turn into just a daily coverage of my day to day activities, but I just needed to share with you how out of sorts I am.  For starters I woke up at 5:00 am again this morning without even trying, then I had a successful shopping spree at the Farmer’s Market and moved in of all my studio stuff, but after moving the car I came back to the front door only to realize that I had forgotten the code for the lock. So I was stuck outside with no phone, no wallet and no idea how to find Alex the Director of the program.  Ugh!  reminds me of when I locked myself out of my apartment on Father’s day and ended up spending $500 to get back in and pay for a new lock.  Thankfully Alex showed up a little later, but I am still getting worried over my loss of short term memory. Been taking Gingko Biloba to try and help, but not sure if things are ever gonna be on the right track again.

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