First Side is up

I am too exhausted to even write tonight. A group of others went to the night market, which is very special here in Taiwan, but I think I am just going to go to bed soon, even though some of the others are hanging out on the porch.

But things are getting exciting. We can finally see some progress coming along. My third graders have been coming by everyday to help out a bit.  Maybe sometimes they are a bit too eager to start to help, and then when the jobs get too boring start playing around too much.  But I think I found them a good job today slinging mud and around and packing it back into my foundation holes.

Our delivery of new bamboo arrived yesterday, so all of us have started to set up our work in the wetlands. I have got my first side up.  I need to re-dig my holes for the other side because they filled up with too much with water. It is a good location, near the road and it is alongside the sinking tea cup that was installed last year (there is also a bowl with chop sticks and a spoon down the way.

The Tea House with the tea cup.  How fitting.


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