For Cornelia

A moment in translation

For the last two days I have been working with Dina’s assistant Cornelia to develop the press release for the show.  Now of course talking and writing about one’s work is never the easiest thing to do, and then to make it even more complicated is trying to communicate your ideas to someone who’s first language is not the same as your own, and then to top it off as being even further difficult is trying to express the sense of experiencing the installation aspects of my work to someone who has only seen it in pictures, well you can imagine the barriers to break through.

To top it off I was not in the best of shape yesterday due to being really anxious over having to make a big shop for all my materials at the local German Version of a Home Depot, and I was having trouble calling the states due to my phone card running out of money before I thought it was time.

But Cornelia really came through today when after we were done she asked me what I would head out to do today and after mulling over it a bit I said I would go to this one store to look at fabric and then make some calls, she responded by laughing over how the expression of the look in my eyes glancing sideways and the pause in my thoughts had the look of a young dubious woman considering how she would go out and seduce the city.

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