France, 07/19/1998

Hey Folks,

What a day, first breakfast with fresh cream and jam, a bike ride through the village past houses, monuments and churches from the 16th to the 19th and early 20th centuries, and unfortunaely the late 20th as well. A moving memorial to those from the French resistance killed by the Nazis in a 16th century fortress. Then a drive through the countryside to see 18th century castles, 17th century churches, and visit my hosts brother’s home and garden to pick vegetables for dinner. Luc my host is a great cook and an incrediably passionate artist. He has done some interesting projects in the Theatre, installation, book making, archeology, and he was once a baker by profession.

The place I am staying in is huge, a daunting space to fill, and I need a title by tomorrow night. Oh dear. I am glad to be here and concentrate on my work, experience French culture and food ofcourse, though many are working on me to really try their food with meat for the full experience in flavor.

I plan to go to Paris next week and then meet with Prince Alain de Polignac at Pommery Champagne.

Take care my friends, I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope to write the old fashioned way as well, as soon as I get some postcards.


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