Getting to work

We finally had our real first day of work on our own projects today.  And it was also the first day it did not rain at all and we baked under the sun.  You just can’t win.  There is no way to be totally satisfied with the weather here.  We were too cold and wet in the mountains and then too hot under the sun by the sea, and later attacked by mosquitos during dinner.  And my body was real tired at the end of the day having not spent a whole day out in the sun for a while now.  I made sure to wear my hat and sunscreen, but still it was a lot to get used to.  There is no shade at my site, so we need to remember to take breaks from the sun and drink lots of water throughout the day to prevent any heat stroke.

I introduced my assistants to digging with a spade. They are so cute and so dedicated, even though they are a bit inexperienced at working on public art. Shue on the right just graduated from art school and is very good at creative problem solving, and Jai on the left studied Japanese history and language, and recently quit her job working at a hotel to volunteer for this project.


I think we are going to have a good working relationship and friendship after this project ends.  Now it is time to just build the damn piece,  We await our bamboo order.

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