Having my first cup of tea back in Europe

Having my first cup of tea back in Europe since 2011.

Feeling a bit drawn from the airplane ride, and my hands are hurting again like they did back in Taiwan, because of having worked so hard for the past month on finishing my new bamboo teahouse for the Bronx.  But it was worth it, I am very proud of this structure, though I had to leave it as soon as it was finished for Italy and France.


 I am here with my friend Melody to create an 8meter diameter mandala and      labyrinth for an outdoor sculpture show and contest in the French Alps.  We will  be given a ton of hay and straw to form into the mountains around the town of  Valloire. All to be done in one week. Oy!

 I look forward to keeping in touch again.For now we are currently in Milan, and  plan to head south towards Nice to practice our mountain shaping in the sand,  and take a very much needed vacation.









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