Heading home

Hello my dear friends,

Well my long time away is soon coming to an end, I look forward to returning to my home town of NY tommorrow night a weary yet filled traveler.

Full of the ancient sites of Rome, the relaxing lakes of Switzerland, the impressiveness of the Alps, the sounds of German, Itallian, French, and Hungarian (and not to mention some Japanese as well), the Romance of Budapest, and the formal lines of Vienna. I trade in the cold wet days of Germany for the hot humid sun of NY, my little mattress on the floor and hotel rooms for the warmth and hominess of my studio apartment on 16th street. I leave behind yet another show of grass growing and dying having spent its life to yet a new one, both full of great promises of the future living on in new lives.

All my best and I hope you have enjoyed these entries into my last two months of travelogues.


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