Well I have arrived safely to Costa Rica.

It is good to feel pretty much at home here, My host Joaquin has been most
gracious at opening his home to me.  He has an other friend here as well
from CA name Erin, so we are a full house, with little Adso as well, his
schnawzer puppy who I have taken on to train.  Erin is an artist as well who
is trying to set up a retreat here for artists.  Quite a project.

It was quite a long day getting here.  Left the house at 3:30 in the morning
with no sleep, Thankfully there were no problems with the planes, except
that at 11:00 the night before I have received a call that my original
flight out of Kennedy had been cancelled, and I had to leave from Laguardia
instead.  There was one scary moment when I accidently boarded a plane to
San Jose, CA instead of San Jose, Costa Rica.  Joaquin came to pick me up at
the airport, for the first time my bag was checked by Customs because a
container of flax seed husks had opened all over my bag. I just got a
reprimand instead.  Oh an back to the life again.  Doing the kind of things
I never do in NY like attending the opening of some new trendy bar with all
the young a beautiful people of San Jose. Playing lots of techno music and
even the press were milling about.

AT the moment there is no water, but we took Adso for a walk to the market
for fresh fruit.  SO take care my friends.  There is a bit of adjusting to
do, but so far I am looking ahead with open eyes and fun in my heart.  We
had hoped to be off to the North to a beach for the weekend, but we lost our
ride, and a bus would be for 6 hours, but hopefully I will work out a deal
to take spanish classes next week.

I went and saw the gallery dealer Jacob karpio on Friday and we are off and
working to prepare me for a show here. Maybe a two person show instead.  I
have many ideas to work on, the hardest part is gathering all the materials
to work with, but I have many connections here to find such things.  now is
time for lunch, being cooked by Boli, a friend of Erin’s. the weather is
just beautiful here, not too cold, not too hot, no rain at the moment.
Maybe tomorrow we might take a drive out to a nearby National Park.

I hope you enjoy my little sketches of the life here.  It you wish for me to
take you off this mailing please let me know, I will understand.


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