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HI Everyone,

I wanted to apologize for last night’s test email.  I was trying out the new Mac OSX email program and I just can’t seem to figure out how to do blind carbon copy.  I really did not want to send out such a huge list for all to see.  I know how sensitive we are all getting due to the Spam out there invading our email programs.

but I wanted to share with you my most current adventure.  A trade show in Philadelphia.  Now you may be wondering how exotic can that be.  She is only in Philly, just two rivers away.  but yes I find it quite exciting and just as thrilling as traveling to a new city in Europe.  Now I have been to Philly many times before, but only as a tourist, for this venture I am staying with a dear friend of Bernadine’s who has gladly offered to put me up.  He lives a 20 minute walk from the Convention Center where I am working and I have chosen to walk to and from his place versus going down into the subway so that I can zig zag my way through the streets of Center City Philly discovering all the cute little buildings that dot the area.  My imagination has been running a bit wild over all the For Sale signs I see, some adorable little buildings.  But the modern one’s are also quite interesting as well as the Older City Hall and Masonic Temple that I have been passing and studying for their Classical references.

I am here to try and sell my lights out there to the Gallery/Showroom/Craft shop trade.  I hope it works.  I have a little 10×10 foot space set up with a set of samples of my lights which you can see on my web site at  I am the one little minimalist booth surrounded by shelves and shelves of colorful blown glass art and plates and Christmas ornaments.  Tomorrow is the first day and man I hope I get some sales.  Cross your fingers for me.  I am hoping the sale of these lights will continue to provide me with my bread and butter without having to go back into teaching.

But back to the adventure part.  Really it has been so refreshing to just walk around a new American City again.  I found myself my first day here in the courtyard of the City Hall, which is a Rococo Masterpiece of Mansard roofs, figurative medieval pilasters, Greek columns and Roman cornices.  There are even coffered ceilings and these crazy flower-like chandeliers.  And in the center of the courtyard is a mosaic compass star depicting the zodiac.  As I approached this central mark I found myself over come with tears of joy to feel such freedom and delight after feeling such a dread of fear over taking such a risk with marketing the lights at this fair.

So have a good weekend my friends, as I bust my ass trying to sell my work.


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