July 5th

Well our 4th of July party was not all that successfull, we had enough food for 15 and only 5 showed up.  The main problem is that the bus is the only means of cheap public transportation and it is not so reliable at night, so during the week people just did not feel like making the trip, Oh well, lots of leftovers to eat.  For kicks Juaquin put on his Disco CD and we started doing the hustle in the kitchen.  And we did manage to finish all the Sangria we had made.  I even got a little tipsy which I have not been in ages.

Tonight was interesting.  I went to a goodbye dinner for one of the directors at the Spanish school that Juaquin works at and they had hired a Mariachi band to play for her.  They were all dressed up in Sombreros and the tight pants with the silver clasps running up the sides.  Sorry, I did not have my camera, gotta get into the habit of carrying it around more.

Juaquin and I have made a deal with the owner of the school to make a group of mosaics for the school in exchange for free classes.  We will probably make some snakes rolling around in the gutter, and a frog on one of the tables.

It is hard to believe that it has been two weeks already that I have been here.  Life has been very social and full of hanging out, cooking, sewing, and walking the dog.  I am looking forward to finally taking a longer trip out of the city on Sunday with Juaquin to Monte Verde. A small mountain village that Quakers settled in the 50’s to make cheese.  They are fighting to keep the place free of tourists by not paving the road.  So we need to take an hour and a half bus ride from the 3 hour main road up an unpaved one
in the bus.  I hear it is a bumpy bumpy noisy ride.  I am sure you can imagine what it will be like.  I had a small taste of it today when my taxi driver decided to take a short cut across an unpaved open field to avoid the central traffic of San Jose.

So take care my friends.  and I hope you enjoyed the full moon tonight.  At sunset the sky cast the most unique form of light.  The sky was golden in the sun’s reflection, creating the effect of a yellow gas discharge light. Creating a light which added just enough yellow to make greens greener, plants look like plastic, and my skin glow.  It was the perfect kind of light that made everything more intense in its perception, Bringing out all that is beautiful in the details yet hiding all that is bad as well. Pure gold, the radiance of what the Aztecs might have seen in all their gold reflecting the sun light cast upon their temples, skin and forests.

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