June 12

Good morning,

Sorry for the triple mailing last time, had a little bit of a problem with sending out that day.

So it is my last day in Paris, I hope to make it to the Marias to buy some tea and to see some exhibits at the Louvre, atleast to do a little more walking around.  Yesterday Olivier and I took the train to Chartres Cathedral where we both walked the labyrinth built within the 13th century stones of the Cathedral floor. A highly energized place outside of organized religion, It was a place actually filled with all sorts of life outside of what you would normally think would be happening within a church such as a net installed above the entrance below the Rosette window where a circus performs a tight rope act in the afternoons, a film crew shooting on site in period 1920’s dress, a trio of women spontaneously singing, their voices filling the cavernous space with little effort, a sad smoking clown waiting for tourists to buy a photograph with a member of his traveling menagerie, and lots and lots of school children of all ages and cultures being given tours of the first of the Gothic Cathedrals whose foundations are built upon the remains of many cathedrals that had been built and destroyed dating back to the 4th century and within whose crypte exists a well that most likely dates back to Gaelic times where the site was mostly likely chosen for its strong spiritual power for the practice of the Druids.

All my best while I take off tonight for my first overnight train where I will have a sleeping compartment to share in a room with 3 others.  Should be interesting.


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