Last day in Koblenz

Sorry to have been so out of touch these last few days.  Been hard at work on the installation for the National Garden Show in Koblenz.  Also it took me some days to figure out how to get on line from our hotel.  But now I am back and ready to move on to the touristic part of my trip.  Yay!

But it has been a busy beautiful time in Koblenz.  With a fantastic view of the Rhein River from my hotel window.  Up on the hill to the left is the Fortress where most of the garden show will be, while I am stationed down below at the Kurfurstliches Schloss. An 18th Century German/French Classicism castle.

I worked yet again with a wonderful group of assistants in getting the skirts dressed for their debut. We had FANTASTIC weather finally for working outside all day.  But due to the cold temperatures still hovering low during the nights, I am going to come back right before I leave on April 5th to plant the grass seeds.  But everything else seems ready, the pumps are pumping, the water is dripping and the reservoirs are holding their water.  So all we have to make sure of is that the grass grows through the lace and lasts for 6 months (with some replantings in between). It seems the underlying them of my trip has been either getting locked in or locked out of places.  Such as the other day I went to the castle to photograph the skirts and some body (I assume the security guard to whom I could only explain myself in german as Kunstler) closed the door so that I could not get out via the castle.  And the other entrance is blocked by a locked gate.  So I again had to roam around and find a way out.  I was almost ready to jump the fence when I tried a back gate and saw that it was not locked, but even then I had to squeeze between another set of fences to free myself.

Next stop:  A brief visit back to Munich to pick up a jacket I accidently left behind and to see how the skirts down there are doing, as well as to maybe maybe have a free ticket to a Bobby McFerrin Concert. Then off to Italy I go.  First for two days in Venice, and then 3 in and around Florence.  All I could read about seeing Venice is that one should just get lost while roaming the back streets of the Island (no problem), and then to San Marco early in the morning to see the Basillica and then the square at night. Hope the place is not too too crowded yet.

Kiss kiss to you all.

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