Last thought days

Well have decided to leave today during the calm before the storm.  Wanna be there if my windows should be crashed in. Was hoping for one more boat ride, but does not look like this is going to happen.

While I have been up here a few people have been staying at my place, some that I have never met, emaling them instructions on where to find the keys, and cleaning the sheets.  It has been kinda strange, at times I have felt like the Artist X-Wife in the movie Synecdoche emailing directions without ever being seen, only heard or read.

And the City of Portland finally caught up to me and my tree wrapping, and made me take them all down.  Was really bummed because I wanted to keep them up during the First Friday art walk.  They told me I needed to get a permit, which of course I knew from the beginning, but did not feel like going through the official channels this time around, just wanted to be like those guerilla knitters and be a guerilla sewer.  But you know maybe in retrospect going through that process might have been good for me, and introduced me to more of the community up here. Because when you come to think of it, I have not met many people here, only the homeless that endlessly walk past our building.  Just been too holed up in the studio to really reach out.  But I will be out there more when I go to Michigan.  Already have two great sponsors for my plants and materials, and of course making my fund raising goal has me all set and ready to head off on September 11th.  And you know I am actually glad to not be in NYC for the 10th year anniversary.  Ironically for someone who is so wrapped up in the city and its history, I do not feel inspired to respond to this event.  Too close, too personal, to difficult still, like how depressed I felt the day after Bin Ladin was killed. Still processing the changes


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