What a gorgeous day.  The last of its kind for the year I am sure.  Warm, in the 70’s, sun, balmy maybe a little too windy (the wind blew out the paper I had just stretched over my framework just after it was photographed, need to do this job inside when it is supposed to be raining on thursday.

 Had some really good volunteers helping me today from a nearby group of ladies who meet to do handicrafts. just perfect for my little jobs to do. we managed to make the first piece float, now just have at least 4 more to make.  I was hoping for 6, but I do not think I will make it.

One thing I was thinking about today are the memories of all the people I have worked with over the years throughout the world, living out their own unique lives surrounded by art.  I am always amazed and inspired to see my hosts living in wonderful communities that live very sustainably, eat together, have great pieces of property with wonderful funky houses and incredible work spaces.  They have all managed to carve out such wonderful unique lives that they are so open to share with other artists from around the world, from Luc in France, to Rolando in Costa Rica, Jane in Taiwan and Christoph in Germany. Even in the more formal residencies I have had at The Headlands and Ox-Bow, the staff all seem to live lives outside of the status quo, which thrive and grow within a world that can seem so limiting some times. It is the creative spirit alive in us all, which exudes out into our communities in a most honest and natural way.  Here in Mont-Saint Hillaire my host Jeremie and her husband Andrea have really carved out a wonderful oasis for themselves filled with art making, performance and life. life life.  Beautiful.  It is all so inspiring, one that I find myself finally feeling close to achieving in my new home in the Bronx. 


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