Last week

I think I am morphing into a lobster after all this time in Maine.  Even in the shade I get sun burnt.

Oh my I cannot believe I have only a week left.  Been a very productive past few weeks as we prepared for our Open Studios last thursday night. Lots of new ideas to expand and grow with.  I need major floor space to plant giant sheets of sprouting paper. Can’t say I will be leaving here with many final pieces, but with lots of little things to build upon when I move into my new studio space for the year down in Chelsea.

Now it is time to get ready for the Tea Expo and Art Prize.  I am happy to report that I just made my goal with United States Artists.  So Michigan here I come!

Have a  great rest of August.  Anyone plan to be around during Labor Day Weekend? I return to NY on the 29th.

But hope to take one more boat ride with Mr. Delorme.


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