Late night train to Paris

So I am spending a romantic Saturday night alone on the late night train to Paris in another private first class room. The main lights are off, the curtains are drawn and the eastern French landscape passes me by. With just one small reading light on, raking an angle along the red curtains reflected in the window, I feel like I am a character in a David Lynch movie, still waiting for that handsome dark stranger to walk in through the door.

Spent a lovely afternoon exploring Freiburg. I climbed the tower of the Cathedral to have a look-see at the southern end of the Black Forest. While climbing up I was surrounded by the clanging of the bells reverberating through my body. The feeling of slowly climbing up into this column of sound brought on a feeling of being coddled and surrounded by the bells like they would swallow me whole. Once to the top their sound was deafening and ancient.

At the top of the spire it is not solid but punctuated by a lace like pattern, I was reminded of Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona. A floating room of light overlooking the windy streets of the city.

I then entered into a cozy bar/restaurant for a late lunch. When I first entered there was an English family and a group of German woman. By the time I left there were only men seated in front of a large screen projection TV to watch a soccer match. It was time to be on my way,

I made a short trip to the tip of the Black Forest to look over the city and find my way back to the train for my trip to Paris. It was nice to just be on my own for the day after a week of new friends and new places.

Time to turn of the computer and take a rest before finding my way to Olivier’s.

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