Magic Time

The magic has finally started to happen for us here in the wetlands.  I finally felt I could step away from my piece and take a bike ride around the whole wetlands to visit the other art works.  While passing Giorgio’s installation he commented that I looked so free and easy riding by on my bike, the wind whipping by, like I was out on a tour around the countryside. Everyone finally has their work installed. The ones that had to be in water are finally floating or stuck in the ground with a special pump to pump out the water while digging down into the mud below the water.

Seeing the silhouettes of our bamboo structures against the sunset tonight is what brought the whole project into final view for me. Conjuring up that magical moment I think all artists feel when you finally begin to see everything taking shape after a long long process. We are all a bit battered, bruised and tired, with many splinters in our hands and fingers, but it is exhilarating to finally see the end clearly.  And then POOF! we will be gone. To leave our hard work behind for the community to enjoy and hopefully to survive the typhoons for next year’s round of sculptures.



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