MASS MoCA – Day One

Hello there my Travelogue friends, it has been a while, but here I am up in North Adams, Massachusetts where I just completed my first full day at The Studios at MASS MoCA.

Did not sleep well, but woke up ready to shop at the Farmer’s market across the street. But afterward unsure of what to do next.  So many choices.

Do yoga
Go finish setting up the studio
Start to work on the myriad of projects I want to do
Take a bike tour around the area
Finally go in and see the exhibitions
Go listen to the end of the Bang on a Can festival that has been here the past 3 weeks
Relax and take a nap
Roast the fresh beets I bought to make a salad with the awesome tomatoes I got as well
Or just look at at the Berkshires and take in the landscape and the amazing sunset that I thought I was photographing but could not find later on my phone, which I wanted to send so you can see what I see right from my studio window.

I managed to do most of these, except go inside and explore the exhibits. I think I want to do this after the weekend, when it is not as crowded. There is going to be a lot to see at this sprawling complex of art, haunted by the ghosts of early American Industrialism.

It really feels great to be back at an artist residency again after the past 2 years of packing up and organizing my Aunt’s estate, then packing up and moving into a new apartment. And yes I ended up renting a truck just to pack up again and come up to North Adams for the month of August, but here I get to just focus on my artwork and the great art all around me at this incredible center for Contemporary Art in the Berkshires.

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