MASS MoCA – Day Three

Good evening my dears,

Been actually quite cold up here in Northern Massachusetts.  It is raining outside, feels so wonderful to actually hear the rain falling.  For years I have been unable to hear the actual rain fall to the ground while in NYC, due to various reasons like, too much surrounding noise, or needing to keep the windows shut due to all the noise outside, being too far from the ground, or always having a fan or music or radio on to drown out the surrounding City Noise.

Either way, been working away over here.  While I read that there is flooding in NY.  Heat waves in Southern France.  And everyone preparing for the Solar Eclipse. The world keeps turning…WE HOPE.

Been pursuing a wide range of projects while here, but yesterday I found myself so inspired by one of the many site-specific installations that I decided to start making a drawing a day from throughout the Museum. So far I have done 2, let’s see if I keep it up. Been a long time since I have focused on drawing, especially on site.  Maybe since I took a figure drawing class during the summer of 1988! Enclosed is a photo of the space, which is from the original Boiler House for the companies that were here. Within the space plays a sound piece by Stephen Vitiello titled All Those Vanished Engines. It was a great way to fully experience the space, spending time drawing while listening instead of just snapping a photo (ps: I took photos afterwards).

Stay tuned…

All my best,

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