May 30

Well today was pretty much a wash as far as the studio is concerned.  Found out that all the work I did yesterday has to be redone as well.  So much for a productive weekend.  Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

But I at least took a nice walk in the Garden, I even went by the Chinese Pagoda Beer Garden to check out the scene.  It is the main tourist attraction for sure with the traditional band and giant pretzels.  I thought I would quench my thirst with a Russen, but when I asked for a half liter all they would give me was one of those big liter glass mugs, I said I’ll never make it as a Bavarian since I just could not get myself to buy let alone try and drink of those, the man behind the counter said you must train yourself to drink like a Bavarian.  I opted for an ice cream cone instead.  What a woos I know, I guess it is the same back in France where I could never drink as much wine.

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