Well we finally had a nice spring day here again after a while.  Took a walk through the English Garden but I think I was too far north for the nudies.  Instead I walked through one of the beer gardens and witnessed those liter sized glass mugs the Munchens are famous for, as well as all the pretzels that are in abundance.

So did I tell you I had my first political discussion the other night.  Toward the end of the party I went to with the red room, one of the guests after finding out I was American confronted me by saying that I should make sure to tell all my friends not to vote for Bush.  I replied that this is no problem since I live in New York, it is the rest of the country I am worried about.  I also proceeded to tell him how lately I have met many foreigners who have purposely chosen to become citizens in the last three years just so they can vote against Bush. Now you have to understand most of us were quite drunk by the end of this party with champaign making the rounds, but I was a little miffed when he continued to rail on the States for making such embarrassing moves in Iraq and how stupid the whole mess is becoming, and that Bush just needs to get out of there.  Well I said that I agreed but that lets not forget the many years before when Europeans went into the middle east and attempted to colonize the tribes thus shaking up a balance between the people that had been there before.  He backed down after that with one last statement to make sure that all my friends do not vote for Bush.

Oh and remember my comment about feeling like I am back in college with sleeping on the floor, well to top that off I have gotten back into eating Raman noodles again, with the little outfit of a kitchen I have.  I add in vegies and stuff, but it is still the easiest thing I can muster up to cook these days.

And last night I made my first foray in preparation in case I decide to join in on the nude action in the park.  I went back to the Volksbad Swimming Hall but this time I went into the Roman Baths.  My body just needed to be warm for a while, especially since the smoking had given me a sore throat and I was worried about getting sick.  I loved the steam room the best.  Stone benches with a conical sky light, a hot bursting stream of steam pushing out into the space with a side fountain dripping cool clear water.  The only thing was that I was the only woman walking around save for one other who was in the dipping pool with her boyfriend.  Despite the lovely architecture and not so bad naked men wandering around I have to admit I would have rather liked it if there were more woman or if I was with someone I knew.  LIke when Jeff and Amy and I went to Orr Hot Springs in California where it was the norm to take the baths with nothing on with other people around.  Not that I am a prude or anything, there is just the vulnerability of being the only naked woman in a room full of naked men. But it was great to relax my body in the heat of the steaming water after being so tense behind the sewing machine for the past few days.

To top it off I had a relaxing hot drink of grog which I think did the trick to sweat out my potential cold.  No sore throat this morning.

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