On The Road Again

I know I know I know…

It has been a while since I last wrote. I have been on the road with Lili nonstop since we left Hospitalfield on Monday. And as we got to the end of the residency, our time was focused on finishing up the many projects we had started before wrapping things up. For me I got more into trying out some paper making samples and constructing a small sculpture than figuring out the future of these travelogues. It really felt refreshing to just explore some experiments with pressing and printing with gathered flowers and detritus from the garden and around the grounds. The garden here is just so impressive and giving of so many colors, textures and shapes. So have been distracted a bit the last few days, heading straight for the studio instead of the writing table. 

To be honest I am feeling a bit ready to go back to my home and studio in The Bronx. To eat what and when I want, to not have to socialize so much, or wind my way through crowds, But there are two more weeks left in this journey, so off we go. Lili and I go west to the Isle of Bute and Aaran. Where we heard there might be more rain and possibly midges. Hopefully the internet is wrong about this and we will instead have sunshine and no little bugs flying around directly in our faces. I came prepared just in case with bug repellant and a screened in hat. 

Will send more details soon about these travels. Lili really is good at researching sites to see and visit, both in natur and in the city in Glasgow. Our journey has run the gambit from ancient standing stones among grazing cows to cutting edge contemporary art in alternative art spaces. So much to process and share. But for now wanted to let you know I am doing alright, and heading off on my own to Inverness tomorrow. Finally, Scottish Highlands here I come!


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