Opening Day Activities

Well, after a very rainy opening Press Conference we had a semi sunny day for our first day of opening activities.  Apparently I hear that my site was rather popular because I was serving tea and giving away hand made bamboo tea cups signed with the only chinese character I know, Cha for Tea. It was nice to finally sit in the tea house and share a tea with many of the villagers and children who have been helping me these past 3 weeks.

Also I hear my assistants are quite tired from working for me.  I said just one more day and they are free.  I plan to give them some very special tea gifts for all the wonderful support that have given me. such as getting up at 6:30 in the morning to work out in the rain to finish up some last minute details.

I can’t wait until Monday when I am back in Taipei and can go to the hot springs again for a good long soak to hopefully revive the circulation in my hands.



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