Welcome to June my friends.

My favorite month of the year not only because Spring is in full bloom, but because my birthday is this coming Saturday.

I have been in Paris since Saturday night visiting my friend Olivier and taking a little vacation from the show.  Once I return on Sunday I will have 10 days in the gallery to install the show.

The weather in Paris has been glorious.  Walking around through the streets during the day, eyeing all the shops, attending a concert of early music by Olivier of the Passion of Christ in the crypt of the church Saint Sulpice, and then hanging out with friends in the cafes at night talking, drinking and watching the street shows.

One of the things that amazed me most when I arrived in Paris was to be surrounded by so many varying cultures of people again like in New York, while in Munich it is mostly germans and some Turkish that I see, here in paris you have the whole of the north of Africa and so many more people from Asia walking the streets and taking the subways.

It has been just nice to take it easy for a little while before diving in again for the show.  Thank you for all your address updates, it has been most helpful.

All my best,


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