Passover in Arizona

Can you believe it?  After traveling for over 5 weeks through 4 different countries with out a hitch, it is when I am back in the states and take my usual flight to Arizona to visit my parents that my plane is delayed for 2 hours on the tarmac so that I miss my connecting flight and thus loose my luggage.  I swear I wish I had been in another country surrounded by a different language so that at least I could have had a better excuse for just loosing it in the airport with the ticket agents, stewards and security. What are you supposed to do when you are told that you have to call an 800 number instead of talking to a real person in the airport in order to find you a new flight, when they do not even know that your own flight was messed up.  Argh!!!!!!

Anyway, arrived safely after a 16 hour trip that should have only been 12 hours, and at least less than 24 hours later I got my bag back.

Have a great spring holiday season, and see you back in NY at the end of April.


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