Pleasure Sunday

I hope this weekend was a pleasurable one.  This Sunday was a day full of pleasure for me, after a not so pleasurable Saturday.

First waking up to Yoga, tea and some work.  Then writing and reading emails.  To a trip to the Deutsches Museum, which is Munich’s version of a Science and Industry Museum.  A wonderful collection and space  to wander in.  I especially liked going through the contemporary shop section with all the wood cutting tools and CNC laser cutting machines.  I also got to see two Jacquard looms which is quite a treat since I will never forget Lenore Tawney’s description of being inspired by the undulating heddles of this early version of the first computer. (Lenore Tawny by the way is a great pioneer of the Fiber Art world whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and reading to once in her glorious loft in the Flat Iron District.)

I then went for a swim at the Muller’shes Volksbad a late 19th early 20th century Art Nouveau bath house right by the river Isar.  A classic experience with mosaics, sculptures, wooden private changing rooms surrounding the great swimming halls.  A lion spitting water fountain and a sun filled mosaic vaulted ceiling to look up upon while doing the back stroke.  My one regret is not being willing to pay the extra 10 euros for the steam bath and hot tub, maybe after some back breaking work.  I think I will try to find these older swimming halls from now on in every city I am in.  What a luxurious experience to practice my favorite sport in such a lush architectural space.  I am forever spoiled by the non chlorinated water and feeling of antiquity, it will be a shame to return to the McBurny Y which after only being a year old is already showing signs of age.

Though I have to say I stopped by to visit a more contemporary pool closer to where I am staying and I found it rather scary to see that they would make waves in the pool for people to pretend they are at the ocean.  I watched the wave movements from outside and it reminded me too much of the tidal wave I experienced while I stood on the deck of a pool during the 1989 earthquake in Oakland, CA.  But on the way to this pool I past by a traveling one ring tented circus.  They had a bunch of camels, and llamas outside to see.

After swimming, I was then in search of the elusive Indian dinner I had been looking for since yesterday.  I finally ended up at the one I once ate at near Sibylle’s.  I just gorged myself being that it was my only real meal of the day.  And it was early in the evening so no smoking customers to contend with.  And to top it off at the end of a very gray and cold day the sun is shining through the trees and my apartment window as I write to you drinking a cup of ginger tea.

ahhh the simple pleasures.

Now I think I will try to get myself back into work mode by cleaning the floor of my studio.

all my best,


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