Rain and a Black out Oh Yeh

so thank goodness for batteries. I can type away while the sun sets on a rainy night with no electricity. I am all alone with the dog and I can’t even light a candle without it blowing out in such a windy house. so now it seems I am going to have my show open the day before I leave, Why are art dealers such scoundrels? So there is much to prepare in the next month, I hope my cilantro grows in time. Oh did I tell you about the miracle. Last Monday I woke up at 6 in the morning to find the cilantro test I had planted the wedensday before had started to sprout,. Oh I was so happy, so elated and beaming to see the miracle of life take root in my crazy plan, to see that Nature can persevere within any situation it finds itself within, There just might be hope for our planet,. So I have set up my fabric which you see in the photo to start sprouting cilantro. The fabric is lace with rows and rows of polka dots. They will later be strung together to form a giant skirt on an 8 foot armature I am having made with lights on the inside. I just planted yesterday and have them all hooked up to water with a timer automatically, It is so peaceful to sit in the sunken space that they are in by the museum and listen to my own little rain storm. Hopefully on Sunday we will be driving down to Photograph a set of oil palm trees that I want to create a new piece from. The farms are rows and rows of palm trees in all stages of growth and death, Very erie. I am going to manipulate the images in photoshop and install in a series of long panels along the wall to create a seamless row of images that depict the trees from birth to life to death. the dealer also says he will pay to print two large landscape type prints. Maybe one of the oil palms. The other I think might be a typical costa Rican low rise building. we are also going to try and find some coffee paper to work with as well. Well who knows, we go day by day by day, I still need more confidence with my spanish, and I got my hair cut again today, 8 dollars compared to the 80 I pay in NY, Well finally the lights came back on and I think tonight will be an early night. It has rained every day this week from 2 to 10 everything is a bit moldy. as they say this is life in the tropics. 

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