Saturday, May 22

So what about today can I tell you.

That one of the most bizarre scenes I have seen so far in this fair city of Munich is the sight of daring young men in wet suites taking on the waves on their surfboards in this tiny little area of rapids pouring out of from under a bridge at the beginning of a long river that winds its way through the English Garden.  The boys just go back and forth across the width of the waves from either side of the river bank.  And when it is time to finish or if they loose their balance they go over the little hump of rapids to swim to shore with their boards safely tethered to their ankles.

Now how’s that for a little scene for a land locked city in the south of Germany surrounded by farmland and mountain peaks.

Otherwise I am just in love with the yellows, oranges and pinks that the buildings are painted in.  Miami tried to copy this but got too garish, we just stay drab and gray in NY.

But dang it is just freezing out there right now.  I could even see my breath.  What happened to Spring.  I hear it is hot in NY though.

Also found myself over in the shadier part of town today by the train station to make some phone calls at one of those discounted call anywhere in the world kind of places.  Surrounded by every other language except German in there.  But a great deal, 4 euros to both New York and Arizona.

Well all my love and please if these travelogues are getting a bit much for you please feel free to let me know.  I have a bit of time on my hands at the moment while I wait for a few more materials and a sewing machine to work with.  Once I am more set up and hard at work I am sure my writing will slow down a bit.  But hasn’t that been that case over the years with these emails?

Ta ta for now


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