Second Day in Berlin

The day started quite nicely with a spontaneous visit by Olivier for a quick tea before going to visit his friend’s school that was right around the corner.

Then I already told you of my visit to the Pergamon Museum.

While walking around I did not carry my temporary cell phone so I did not receive Olivier’s messages to meet up for lunch or to go to the Contemporary Museum, He finished earlier than he thought. So he went on his way and I had a quiet lunch of Indian food near the old synagogue which is actually called the new synagogue where I wrote my postcards. Ironically enough it is not so easy to find traditional German food in Berlin. Berliners say wait until you are back in Bavaria.

Olivier and I did manage to meet up one more time briefly for a sit in front of the Reishtag. This is what has really made visiting this new place so peaceful, to experience it with an old friend. To share our impressions and frustrations with getting around. To share what we have learned and need to still learn.

Annette and I then went out for more Indian food for dinner. Always talking about our work, which comes from a similar foundation, to how we survive being artists, to understanding the German Language to not being used to eating in a restaurant where there is smoking allowed.

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