Singing in the Rainforest

Hola mis amimgos,

Today for a Sunday jaunt we drove through a local national forest. Unfortunately being that it was a rainforest and it is now the rainy season we could not do  much hiking, but had fun tromping around a bit in the rain. In the picture are me and Henry bending down, and then my host Jaoquin pretending he is Julie Andrews above.  Behind us are where two rivers meet, The Dirty river and the Yellow Bull River.

Been just getting used to being here.  almost went out to a wild disco last night, but instead stayed in and hung out with Erin talking about that all engrossing topic  “Men and relationships”.

So take care, next week there is much to do in preparation for working in the gallery, but for tonight Jaoquin and I are ordering in a pizza and watching a movie. What coach potatoes.  some things are just the same throughout the world.


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