Today was a good work day.
A really good work day.

I started off the morning early, alone in the sun shine of the studio, having the quiet that I love to eat my yogurt and fruit while working on my writing.
This morning’s piece was for a grant I am working on for my Tea project.

i left at late morning to shop at the farmer’s market, have some incredibly awesome New England clam chowder for lunch, and then take a much needed nap after not sleeping well the night before. Then back to the studio I went.

And there three of us worked and worked and worked in our separate yet conjoined studios.  Mali playing her music at first (Miles Davis), Amanda and me who played Tin Hat Trio and some early music, which then followed up with NPR.  I cannot remember being so focused around others since graduate school. Throughout the afternoon (which is usually my most unproductive part of the day) I felt spurred on by my productive studio mates to keep going and going until my stomach finally said it was time for dinner. But I did not leave until I had finished my project for the afternoon, a prototype for a possible little book I am working on about the Tea project.

I feel especially accomplished today after really not getting too far anywhere the last two days, except out to Hanover, New Hampshire to pick up a bike of mine.  I was supposed to drive out on monday, but I woke up feeling rather clumsy.  I broke a glass bowl, burned myself while cooking breakfast and then almost lost an important document on my computer all of which gave me the premonition that it might not be a good idea for me to drive that day.  I also felt a little sick to my stomach and was beginning to feel a bit anxious over things.  Which I could not understand why, being that I was in such a terrific situation, With a free place to stay and work for the summer with a bit of a stipend, in the one place that was not super hot on Tuesday, but Nancy had a good suggestion that it might have been due to wanting to make sure I made the best of this opportunity and to not feel like I wasted my time out here by not returning with some new meaningful work.  So to assuage these restless feelings I decided to put on a dress and take a walk into town in search of a bowl of ice cream. But I would not settle for just all that ubiquitous gooey looking gelato, I wanted something delicious and special so I used my new little android to find me Beal’s old fashioned  ice cream shop. And there I got the most incredible cup of ice cream ever! Actually it was a frozen yogurt, Coconut frozen yogurt, with the actual shredded coconut that I love. It was so soothing, not only for my emotional state and soul, but those pro-biotics helped my tummy as well.  I was in heaven walking through town to a local marine shop in search of net making supplies, which brought me out a bit far away from the studio, so by the time I started back, my feet were beginning to blister since I was not wearing my sensible walking shoes, but sandals instead.  And then I stumbled upon Soakology a combination foot spa and tea house, which was advertising a cleansing foot soak for $20.  I said yes, this is what I need right now, and boy did that soak feeeeeel good. Enough to get me back on my feet again to trek back to the studio and then out to pick up my bike.

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