Some photos

Hi there,

I meant to send these out a few days ago but made a mistake.

tonight is the opening, so I plan to send out a more finished set of images later on, but do enjoy,  We thankfully have sun today, Yay!

another rainy day in Munich, I hear it is hot back in NY, when will summer ever come here?

any way some of you have been asking for pictures from the installation.  Well things are still in process but I have attached two images from the show so far.  I know in the past some of you have had a hard time down loading images I have been sending.  I hope this one works.

The plants I am using for the tubes are just perfect, they actually float on their own and they look like bottle brush cleaners.  The skirt/dress still needs to be planted, I just hung its undergarments of a plastic liner today, she looks rather S & M at the moment, but I am sending you the G-rated version at the moment.

I will be sending out a more formal announcement once things are in shape, which should be by Tuesday.  They better be, the opening is on Thursday, Yikes!\



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