The church bells are ringing for Sunday mass, the congregation is singing rock tunes, and I am sitting on my bed typing with little Adso asleep by my side.  I seem to have really taken on the role of dog trainer.  Trying to teach him to wait until we are out walking to do his business has been the most challenging, but I believe we are getting some where.

Together he and I went to the market this morning to buy fruit for oatmeal pancakes.   Even bought a sunday paper, La Nacion.  Juaquin went to the beach last night, for the rest of the weekend so today Erin, Henry and I plan to go into the mountains with Carlos a painter to visit the studio of a local artist.  I just want to get out of the city for a little bit.  It is not easy to escape the cars, concrete and pollution easily here without a car.  I plan to rent a car next weekend with Henry and Juaquin and go down to Manuel Antonio a beach and National park in the south to hang out and photograph.  I think it would be cheaper if I learned how to drive a stick shift better.

Got a whiff of New York City last night watching NIcholas Cage in Bringing out the Dead. Eh.

I really got a taste of Costa Rican culture sunday night, well even South American Culture at that.  Last night Costa Rica was playing a very important soccer game against Honduras, and during the game the city became a ghost town.  Literally there was no one out on the streets when we went to take Adso for a walk.  They were all inside watching the game.  Then while Erin and I were watching Interview with the Vampire the city all of a sudden started to scream.  sirons started blasting and car horns were honking.  We ran out side to check out all the commotion and it was all of a sudden like the city had woken up from a great dream and all were celebrating their win over Honduras.  By the way Costa Rica will have to play the United States next which is aparently in first place for the world cup and CR is in second.  And the honking, dancing in the streets, screaming shouting, flag
waving and of course drinking continued on into the night.

So here we go, still sewing, testing out the possibility of growing cilantro/coriander in my new sculpture of an extra large skirt made with a polka dot lace fabric.  Met with the fabricator today. Planning future adventures outside of the city and sitting down with a cup of tea. The pollution here is really tiring me out, gotta take more advantage of the early mornings.

Take care and I hope your summer is going well. and not tooooo hot.



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