The Day After


I am actually sitting at home in my studio, not out and about in some far flung country, though I wouldn’t mind being somewhere other than in this country right now, but then who knows if my absentee ballot would have ever made its voice heard.

Any way after trying desperately to avoid facing the truth of our election’s outcome by working all morning, I wanted to share a few thoughts and insights into the day as I await to hear Kerry’s concession speech on the radio, which has actually been moved up to 2:00 instead of 1:00.

A few positive reassuring moments to share:

Upon perusing the rest of this morning’s New York Times, I glanced at the Metro Section to see that the central article of the day was on NY apartment composting with red wiggler worms.  I immediately wrote to my friend Naomi who is mentioned in the article about it.  She called me back later to thank me for making a group of people very happy on such a day.  We both came to the realization that despite the prospect of 4 more years of Bushisms, we still have the NY Times being inspired enough to look towards a more renewable and sustainable future by publishing such an activist article on this  day of all days when we are seeing just the opposite of values coming to the forefront throughout the rest of the country.

I then later received a call from Kelly from the MTA to whom I had to break the news that Kerry had just called Bush to concede the election.  She was at least grateful to have learned it from it from me and not some blaring impersonal headline, and that she would always remember this.

Oh man, but I am still feeling quite blue, just like my home state on all those electoral breakdown maps being printed up, which by the way the one on the back of the NY Times special Elections Section visualizing the break down in votes in Blue and Red since 1940 is quite arresting.

So we keep on moving forward, making our plans, for Naomi she says it has spurred her on to take an even more active role, for which she has always held, and maybe this is what all of us Liberal types must believe in, that at least the election year of 2004 spurred us on to break all election turn out records and for the first time as long as I can remember truly “Get out the Vote” by breaking our apathy of the democratic process of most recent generations, in the hopes of proving that we can make a difference.!

Till next time in perhaps another country,


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