The green dress getting greener

Just wanted to keep you abreast of the growing green dress, not an easy one to document, but it is fun with the digital camera.  I used my old 35 mm tonight with slide film for the first time in a year and boy it felt cumbersome.  Not even sure if the lighting will work well since it is fluorescent.

Either way, one more day with the sewing machine and then I can really take my vacation.  Leslie is arriving on the 1st and we have a few days together to do some filming up in Stugartt for her film, then a trip down to Celine in Switzerland for a visit.  Then back to Munich just for me to turn around again and head down to Rome. I am so excited, and I can’t to experience Rome with all its history and grandure let alone Italy for the first time.  Then I meet Bill in Vienna on his way to Israel, then back to Munich again for a closing come and see the grass growing midterm going back home party, after which I fly back to New York on the 16th.  Then it is back to work getting the show in NY ready for a September opening.

Oh my I just feel my bones creaking already. But gotta love it…

All my best,

Not sure how often I will be going line for the next two weeks since I plan to travel without the computer, but looking forward to some down time and then back home.


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