The purposeful tourist

Ok ok ok
I am ready to admit it.  As soon as my train rolled into Venice I morphed from visiting artist to American tourist.

What can I say but that first thing I did once I checked into my lovely B&B between the Rialto Bridge and San Marco, was head down to San Marco and go into the Basilica (it was quite beautiful except that there was a very high pitched noise permeating the whole space, like one note on the organ got stuck, so not the most pleasant moment to walk through, which made for less people at least), joined the crowds on the Square, had a slice of pizza, roamed the winding streets, trying to get lost, but kept going in circles some how.  Needed to wet my dry throat so I had a gelato, and just walked and walked and walked, but I have to tell ya, I was a little distracted by all the shops along the way.  Not that they are on all the streets, but they are driving my eyes into the stores rather than being free to look up at what makes Venice Venice, especially the clothing, man to Italians have style.  Just wish I had the money.  I also ate as a typical tourist in one of the multitude of mediocre restaurants along the Grand Canal.  I knew the food would not be too great, but I just wanted to sit along the Canal lit  up  at night. nice to not be around cars, though the motor boats can be rather loud.

I promised myself to find a better restaurant for tomorrow.  And then I ended the evening in style at a very expensive but charming Tea House on San Marco Square.  So yes I give in, I have become a tourist and suffering through my sore feet.  Will try to be more unique tomorrow.  One of these being that I might try and show my work to a Gallery I passed along the way.  It took a long time to figure out where it was on the map, so I could find my way back there, but I have a feeling that they might like my work.
Attached is a not so great photo of the street where my B&B is, which was thankfully recommended by my roommate Sophia.

All my best!

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