Thursday the 20th

So today was a holiday.  I am not sure which one, but it sure felt like a Sunday out there.  None of the stores were open and everyone seemed to be at the English Garden’s Chinese Pagoda Bier Garten.  What  scene.  People everywhere sitting in the sun with liters of beer drinking and eating and smoking away, children running around all over the place and to top it off a Bavarian Band playing traditional music.  You can just imagine the scene.

I had rented a bike for an hour to ride through the park to the other side to visit my friend Valerie’s friend Christoph.  The park is just like Central park only a bit more overgrown and bigger I think..  lots of little nooks to snooze in, a lake for boats and places for games, no softball but lots of soccer.  Big Big trees too.  Peaceful, the main difference also is that you cannot see the tall buildings of the city like you do in NY, they are a lot shorter here.

A really lovely day in all, and I liked how I met one of my neighbors and he was saying after living throughout Germany and Austria he felt that Munich was one of the few cities where a women can walk alone at night and not have to worry.  This came across my mind last night when I was heading home late from the train and all alone on the road.  And then makes me concerned for going to Rome later on during my travels.

But one of my goals on this trip is to conquer some of my fears, not be be foolish of course, but to come to terms with the things in life that make me fearful yet stronger when I face them head on.

All my best,


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