UK Travelogues.2022

I really want to thank all of you who have written back with so much encouragement to keep on writing and sending out these Travelogues. They are being posted regularly to my website at if you wish to check out some from the past.  It is hard to believe that it has been 7 years since I last traveled abroad. After 2 years of the pandemic, I see that the last set of travelogues were from my residency at MASS MoCA in 2017. Part of my goal while I am attending this interdisciplinary residency at Hospitalfield in Scotland is to work on an idea for publishing these emails that I have been sending out to all of you about my Art Travels since 1998. Thinking it will be part documentation of my projects while working as an AIR, and part travel book for seeing and experiencing the world as an itinerant artist. Feel free to send over any ideas, suggestions, book editors, publishers or agents to move this project along. 

Last night, Lili Chin whom I met while in residence at MASS MoCA and is also here in Scotland suggested to maybe produce an artist book of the travelogues. Still ruminating this idea, while maybe putting together a proposal for a residency at The Center for Book Arts.

This is a short one out here, only 2 weeks. But full of intense moments, while working in an Historic Heritage House on an estate that goes back to the 12th Century as a quarantine hospital for the local Abbey. The floors creak with history, and a warren of underground rooms and servant’s hall. Laying thick my obsession of Downton Abbey. There is even a Dinner Gong!

So enjoy my friends, and feel free to share. I am also posting to Instagram and Facebook for single takes of moments along my 5 weeks of travels and missives. Attached with this email is an image of the Window I look out while working in the Historic Dining Room. In the distance is the North Sea.

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